For Educators

For over a decade, Avalon School has pioneered two separate, powerful models of education: a Project Based Learning curriculum and a Teacher-Powered governance model. We strongly believe that these two aspects have the capacity to change education, and we are eager to share our experience. 

Avalon is now offering an array of professional development services, from short, student-led tours to longer immersive experiences.  To learn more about Avalon first-hand, please go here to schedule a tour specifically designed for educators or sign up for longer site visits. 

Working with the Minnesota Learner-Centered Network (MLCN), Avalon hosts several more formal immersive site visits a year.  To learn about those site visits (and those offered by other Learner-Centered environments), visit the MLCN School Visit Page

Finally, interested in working at Avalon?  Check out our current job postings here: Employment Opportunities.

Come learn with us!