“My grandson entered Avalon School at the beginning of 8th grade.  I was specifically looking for a small school with small class sizes, a staff committed to strong family/school communication, a school culture that was supportive of non-traditional learners and that strives to be age and developmentally appropriate for adolescents.  Amazingly enough, Avalon has delivered in all of those areas.  The structure of the school day and curriculum makes sense for adolescents, the staff are extremely supportive and communicative (even on a daily basis if needed!), and the school culture promotes acceptance of each unique child and has high expectations while exhibiting patience as students grow into those expectations.  Avalon has my highest recommendation.  I am completely grateful for the charter school system and for Avalon.  They are truly a role model for what charter schools are all about – creating an academic choice for families whose students are not well served in the traditional school system.  Go Avalon!  Sincerely, Amy Libman”

The following testimonials come from www.greatschools.org:

As an Avalon parent I am extremely grateful to this amazing little school. In my many years of parenting (I have 4 kids) I have not seen the school with the wormer, more accepting and kinder atmosphere. Besides the bright kids that are ready for more independence in learning, this school gets many kids discouraged by their middle and high school experiences elsewhere. Many of these kids (and their parents) are desperate. Amazingly, no matter how depressed these kids come, they feel comfortable and accepted here. And it is only then, that these kids become engaged academically. With its great flexibility, and genuine interest in each student’s personality this school earns kid’s trust and is able to cultivate interest in learning in almost any student. Kids become eager to comply with rather high academic expectations. All of this happens because of the tremendous work of love and intellect of Avalon’s enthusiastic staff.

Avalon School in Saint Paul, MN is definitely a school I can recommend. Both of my children have now graduated from Avalon. They have two different learning styles and yet both were able to succeed in this project based learning environment. My daughter used the opportunities to explore her world. My son, on the other hand, was very focused and therefore was able to center all of his projects on his dream career. Both of my children are now in college and they believe that their transition to college was much easier because they had become independent learners at Avalon. They had time management skills down which is something many college students struggle with. And the senior project requirement (with 300 hours of research) is fantastic! If your student is self-motivated about challenging him/herself and is eager to learn, then Avalon is a great school! What an opportunity!

We love Avalon because our son loves Avalon…he was about to drop out of high school but now that he’s at Avalon he is interested and engaged. The project based system is perfect for anyone who is tired of being herded through a traditional curriculum. Students are able to take their intellectual curiosity and run with it. As they work standards requirements into their projects they learn practical applications of subjects that they thought they weren’t interested in, as well as picking up skills in negotiation and compromise.

My son has matured so rapidly in the year and a half he has attended Avalon. His involvement in his projects, the depth of research he does without prodding, were unthinkable at his former overcrowded public school. He both respects and is respected by the Avalon school staff, which is critical for a successful learning environment. I only wish we had discovered Avalon in time for my eldest son.

Avalon school changed my sons’ life. He has taken a greater responsibility for his education by deciding on projects and directions to expand his learning. By stepping away from classic ‘sit in class and listen’ style of education, he can now get involved in his school, community and know that his decisions make all the difference in his life. For the first time, he is excited about school. I highly recommend Avalon school to other parents knowing their child will have opportunities other schools do not offer.

Avalon provides not only the amazing teaching staff but allows students to discover and develop their strengths. The project based learning also teaches the students to be accountable and responsible for their work and success. The teaching staff is always available to talk with either myself or my son. My son thrives at Avalon. I won’t have him at any other school.

The teachers at Avalon school are the most dedicated individuals I’ve ever met. They have taken the time and effort to not only know my children, but to understand how they learn best and do everything within their power to support them. They are an amazing group!