Why Project Based Learning?

Project Based Learning promotes all the skills students need to succeed in the modern world: critical thinking, problem-solving, perseverance and effective communication. Further, Avalon’s PBL model allows students to develop these essential traits while following their own individual passions: students literally design their own learning. This personalized approach increases student engagement, self-efficacy, and ownership.

Is My Student Ready?

Students do not have to come to Avalon knowing how to undertake and manage projects. That’s what we teach them! Knowing how to identify passions and goals, and then how to develop a plan to reach them, is fundamental to life in today’s ever-changing world. Graduates of Avalon are highly skilled learners and are ready to take on the world. 

Check out this video which compares traditional public schools to “schools of the future…” or perhaps a certain school of today? (Avalon. We’re referring to Avalon.)