Policies, Plans, & Handbooks

Avalon School Policies, Plans, and Handbooks

Avalon School Bylaws (April 2022)


Avalon School Student Handbook (22-23)

Avalon School Constitution (Feb 2017)


Avalon School Policy Manual (Dec 22)

Lottery/Enrollment Policy (January 2020)

Avalon School Wellness Policy (Reviewed June 2022)

Avalon School Employee Policy Manual (2022-2023)

Avalon Group Health Policy

Avalon Student Meal Policy (Oct 2022)


Avalon School Articles of Incorporation (April 2022)


Avalon Attendance Policy

Avalon School Transportation Policy

Avalon's Internet, computer, and equipment policy (#507)


Avalon's COVID-19 Preparedness Plan  (2022-2023)

Avalon School Safety Plan (22-23)


Community feedback was sought throughout the year in the formation of this plan, including:

  • Fall Planning Survey - June ‘20 (222 Families)
  • Online Feedback and Priorities Survey - July ‘20 (76 students & 90 families)
  • Online/SEL Design Feedback Survey - Aug ‘20 (205 Families)
  • Online Learning Check-in and Feedback - December ‘20 (55 students)
  • Avalon School Hybrid Planning Survey  - February ‘21 (172 Families)
  • Student and Family Spring Feedback -  April ‘21 (80 Families)
  • Academic Program Options/Online or In-person Survey-January 2022
  • School Safety Plan Survey March 2022 (93 responses)
  • High School Online Program Survey - November 2022 (46 responses)
  • Program Communication and Marketing - December 2022 (60 Responses)


For more information on Federal ESSER funds and Avalon School's plan for covid relief spending. Please see this link and search for Avalon School District 4075.



Title IX Reporting Form

Harrassment and Violence Prohibition Policy

Title IX Policy #519 (Sept 2020)

Resolution Regarding Practices related to Immigration


School Bullying Policy

School Bullying Report Form



Paper copies of the school’s restrictive procedures plan for children with disabilities are available upon request. Please contact Becky Yuzna at becky@avalonschool.org



Title IX Training and Overview; Title IX Investigation and Training



Title IX Coordinator: Carrie Bakken 651-649-5495 x205 carrie@avalonschool.org

Investigator/Human Rights Officer: Nora Whalen

Investigator: Regina Goldner

Investigator: Kevin Ward

Decision Maker: Gretchen or Tim


To get assistance signing up for Medical Assistance (MA) or MinnesotaCare, please visit this website: MN Department of Health MA Support.