Regina Goldner

Job title: 

In 2005, Avalon School was introduced to Regina Goldner. She was enthusiastic about math, thought the co-op model was a great fit for her, and was ready share her love of project-based learning with everyone. Regina moved from Seattle, WA to Minnesota back in 2000, ready to make the world a better place; little did she know that teaching was going to be the way she would change the world. She had just graduated from Fairhaven College with a concentration in Environmental and Social Justice and didn’t even think she liked the youth of America. Now, years later, she is proud of her Masters in Education from the University of Minnesota and knows that teaching is the job of her dreams and Avalon the school which she loves.

When Regina is not teaching, she is busy with a variety of hobbies and raising a couple cute kiddos.   She likes cooking and learning about cooking.  She loves to build things, big and small.  Regina plays some sports,  maintains a nice garden, and urban farms runner ducks.  

She is honored to be an advisor at Avalon School, and thinks of Avalon as her second home.  Also, math is cool.

Regina can be reached at (651) 649-5495 ext. 206 or