Nora Whalen

Job title: 
HS Advisor / Social Studies


Nora is one of the founding teachers at Avalon school and competes with Carrie as the third/fourth hire on staff, behind Gretchen and Andrea Martin. Originally from Madison,Wisconsin, Nora started her life as a Minnesotan while at Saint Olaf College in Northfield. After traveling in the Middle East and India, she earned her degree from the Olaf’s Paracollege (much like Avalon’s project-based learning) in Teaching Social History.  Receiving a flyer in the mail to answer the question, "What is your Ideal School?", she jumped on board with Avalon and has never regretted the leap.  Nora took some brief "holidays" to earn a Masters Degree at Columbia's Teachers College in NYC (2005-6), to experiment with retirement in Ireland (2007), and to juggle twins (2011-12).  She always finds her way back.

When Nora is not sharing an advisory with Tim or teaching a social studies seminar, she might be helping a new school get off the ground, observe other charter schools in action, train for a triathlon, or pick up her kids' toys.  All are remarkably connected.

Nora can be reached at (651) 649-5495 ext. 207or