Jo Sullivan

Job title: 
HS Advisor / Science

Jo traveled a diverse career path before arriving at Avalon’s doorstep in 2004.  She taught at a high school and technical college in Wisconsin before moving to St. Paul and taking a business position at 3M where she worked for twenty years. Jo spent several years working in Europe, including a year inEngland as a researcher and two years in Belgium as a European Marketing Manager.

After retiring from 3M, Jo volunteered as a reading tutor and found that working with the students was a highlight of her week. She thoroughly enjoyed spending time with her two teenaged daughters and their friends, and discovered a special affinity for this age group.  With these transformative experiences in hand, along with an awareness of all the real world experience she had to share and a belief that she could contribute to the community by helping students succeed, Jo decided to return to teaching. She went back to school, got her teaching license, and was hired by Avalon as a high school advisor and biology teacher.  Jo says she’s never had a job she’s loved as much as teaching at Avalon. “I am so lucky to be doing what I love to do.  It truly makes me happy.  I thank the students and Avalon’s wonderful staff for that.”

Jo has a BA in Biology from Oberlin College and a Master’s degree in Medical Genetics from the University ofWisconsin.

In her spare time Jo enjoys “the simple pleasures such as working in my meadow garden, playing with my two labs, feeding the birds, refining my cooking skills, reading, listening to Bob Dylan or  Bob Marley, and spending time with family and friends.”  Her most recent adventure was a trip in an ultra light used to assist in the migration of whooping cranes.

Jo can be reached at (651) 649-5495 ext. 214 or