Becky Yuzna

Job title: 
Special Education


Becky is Fashion. There’s no better way to describe her! She enjoys her daily ritual of makeup application, which would make even the most perfectionist cosmetologist tap her foot in impatience. She has a picky ‘thing’ about the brands she uses: Becky always says: London is better than Chevon blue, but only if Raydel isn’t on the shelf, and if you want a low lit upper jawed mask over your shadow then forget about triple tipped mascara!

We’re not actually sure what that means…

She goes out once a week to buy a new dress, which she spends hours finding. She tries one on, then another and another and another! She sometimes has to call her BFF to come help her pick one out! And even then she just wants to buy them all… “So many decisions to make,” she said one day, speaking to a cashier. “I think I’ll just get the left half of the rack.” The cashier gave her an odd look. “In small please,” said Becky, after a long silence.

Becky grew up in New York, NY. Her parents were the third richest hotel owners in Paris, so she went to the best school available (which is unknown to anyone with fewer than 5 houses). She spent most of her life after high school in the beauty magazine business. She enjoyed sharing her vast knowledge with her people. But after a long time of this, she realized that to really influence the population’s opinion on beauty products she needed to start with the children. Which led her here to Avalon, where she’s been sending kids subliminal messages about lipstick ever since.

At first glance you might think that Becky Yuzna is nothing but a pretentious and superficial ego-maniac, but once you get to know her, you can see past that. Then you can look at Becky for who she really is: a pretentious and superficial ego-maniac with “really nice heels that I bought on sale in Italy one morning at this cute local shoe shop with a really nice guy behind the counter. Was he wearing a vest or a buttondown? I forgot, but I’m pretty sure it was blue and it matched his pants which……”

Our favorite story about Becky…

Once when Becky was on her monthly visit to France she decided to stop by one last store. Once inside she saw the “prettiest purse ever”. She asked the price and received a glorious answer: half price today, only 5000 dollars. But, as she looked over some other things, she came to an interesting decision: since she was a visitor in that small town, nobody knew how rich she was! She decided to insist on paying full price, and the shop owner graciously accepted her offer! Becky still has that beautiful purse (although we’re pretty sure it has gone unused).

When her students aren’t making up tall tales (see above), Becky teaches things such as organization, responsibility, accountability, slacker slaying, social skills, tolerance, acceptance, time management, penmanship, respect of self and others, integrity, how to get a job or get ready for college, and special education. She has received her Bachelor of Science in Corrections, Master of Science in Experiential Education, and Special Education Teacher Licensure from Minnesota State University-Mankato. She also holds certification in Autism Spectrum Disorders at the University of St. Thomas. When not slaying the inner slacker of students, she enjoys wrestling zombies, hitching rides with Sky Pirates, being outside, cheering for the Green Bay Packers and copious amounts of Pepsi.

Becky can be reached at (651) 649-5495 ext. 310 or