Policies, Plans, & Handbooks

Avalon School Policies, Plans, and Handbooks

Avalon School Student Handbook (21-22)

Avalon School Constitution (Feb 2017)


Avalon School Policy Manual (Oct. 21-22)

Lottery/Enrollment Policy (January 2020)

Avalon School Wellness Policy (April 2020)

Avalon School Employee Policy Manual (2021-2022)

Avalon Group Health Policy


Avalon School Articles of Incorporation

Avalon School Bylaws (January 2020)


Avalon Attendance Policy

Avalon School Transportation Policy

Avalon's Internet, computer, and equipment policy (#507)


Avalon's COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

Avalon School Safety Plan


Community feedback was sought throughout the year in the formation of this plan, including:

  • Fall Planning Survey - June ‘20 (222 Families)
  • Online Feedback and Priorities Survey - July ‘20 (76 students & 90 families)
  • Online/SEL Design Feedback Survey - Aug ‘20 (205 Families)
  • Online Learning Check-in and Feedback - December ‘20 (55 students)
  • Avalon School Hybrid Planning Survey  - February ‘21 (172 Families)
  • Student and Family Spring Feedback -  April ‘21 (80 Families)


Avalon is currently soliciting feedback as we plan for our 2021-2022 School Safety Plan.



Title IX Reporting Form

Harrassment and Violence Prohibition Policy

Title IX Policy #519 (Sept 2020)

Resolution Regarding Practices related to Immigration


School Bullying Policy

School Bullying Report Form

Students can request an online or electronic bullying report form from a Social Worker, Program Coordinator, or the student’s advisor.


Paper copies of the school’s restrictive procedures plan for children with disabilities are available upon request. Please contact Becky Yuzna at becky@avalonschool.org



Title IX Training and Overview; Title IX Investigation and Training



Title IX Coordinator: Carrie Bakken 651-649-5495 x205 carrie@avalonschool.org

Investigator/Human Rights Officer: Nora Whalen

Investigator: Regina Goldner

Investigator: Kevin Ward

Decision Maker: Gretchen or Tim


To get assistance signing up for Medical Assistance (MA) or MinnesotaCare, please visit this website: MN Department of Health MA Support.